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Psychedelic Integration & Facilitation

I am trained in Psychedelic Facilitation and Integration in the state of Oregon.  I was formally trained in Costa Rica and within the model of AEDP.  I received my main course work through the  Entheogen program in Ashland, Oregon.   

I am a licensed psychedelic facilitator in the state of Oregon for Psilocybin.  License Number FL-739a717b.

How does this work?!

We would meet and determine if Psilocybin is a good fit for you.


We would then pick one of many different facilities based on your personal needs and wants for set/setting and intention.  The cost to rent a room per day ranges from $500 and up.  The medicine must be paid for separately in cash at time of service.   

I charge $500 per facilitation where I would be with you throughout the journey to monitor and provide support as needed.  

The state of Oregon requires one integration session following facilitation to ensure long lasting results.

I will offer 1x1 therapy prior to and following this experience if it would be helpful for integration and making sense of the experience.  

A certified worker must be present at the facility during time of service and that cost can vary  depending on set and setting.  

If you are curious about healing from a plant-based model, please feel free to reach out with any questions!


From my heart:

I have a strong belief in the use of plant-based medicine as a catalyst for healing, deepening of connection to self/other/universe, and facilitating the body's own inner knowing for healing of trauma and suffering.  I have done my own extensive self-exploration in ceremony, individually and in a group setting with a personal, deep belief in offering this tool safely to others. 





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